Buy and Sell Ammo

Buy and Sell Ammo

Ammunition buying and selling tips

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Firearms and ammunition are considered a necessity for many Americans for personal and family safety. Attack during theft and wild animals on property can be avoided or reduced by having the firearms in possession. With the latest concealed carry rules, guns can be carried on body for safety during travel as well.

Some states such as Ohio and Texas do not require a background check for buying firearms. Most states require that an individual must be free of any criminal convictions, 21 years or older, and mentally fit to handle the firearm. For the Firearm Owners Identification, a State issued ID or driving license, recent photograph, and application fees are required to apply.

The type of license varies with the type and purpose of the firearm. For example, hunting firearm license may be different from the concealed carry license.

Different types of firearms such as a rifle, revolver, handgun, muzzleloader, and so on are on sale for the gun owners from manufacturers. Hunting is another main reason for individuals to own firearms. The ammo for the firearms is purchased on a regular basis for continuous supply.

Individuals can get trained to operate a gun at a local training center. Loading, unloading, firing, storing, and so on are necessary skills for the fire arm owner.

Buy and Sell Ammunition

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is a non-profit organization that works for gun owner's rights. Several training, workshops, and seminars are organized by the NRA nationwide for promoting gun safety, training, and practice.


Buying firearms and ammunition has become simpler with fewer verifications and background checks.

You can buy fire arm and ammo from a local licensed dealer. Cheap and bulk ammo can be bought from online stores which also have free shipping options. Different types of ammo are on sale such as rifle ammo, handgun ammo, shotgun ammo, combination ammo, and so on. Ammo is manufactured by top brands for quality and efficiency.

Checking the compatability with your fire arm is ncessary before buying the ammo. Compatible fire arm model numbers are sometimes listed on the ammo cases.

Most fire arm owners prefer to stock up on the ammo as there tends to be a ammo shortage due to the government policies or pricing in a given year.

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The NRA is a strong advocate of Second Amendment and is also offering special insurance for gun owners and organizing competitive shooting sports through out the USA. Contact your local chapter for more news on the fire arms and ammo. Official NRA gear can be bought from the NRA Store.


All sales of fire arms and ammo can be traced and are subject to local, state, and federal rules.

Selling guns by a federal licensed dealer after background verifications and registrations is acceptable by many states. However, private parties can sell or trade guns depending on the local, state, or federal rules. Most online sales let you order the fire arm and ammo and ship to a nearest licensed dealer. Direct shipping is avoided in most cases.

Armslist, Gearfire, and some other websites facilitate selling the ammo but are also subject to the regulations. You can upload the pictures and details of your stock to sell on the websites. After payment is processed, the ammo is shipped to the address or a nearest licensed dealer.

Private sales to a friend or a known person are the safest way. However, all sales are subject to local, state, and federal laws. Generating a bill of sale mentioning the gun registration number, buyer, seller, date of sale, and so on is a good idea. Selling to a criminal, mentally challenged person, or a thief is illegal. You will be charged for selling your gun and ammo if the sale is traced back.

Buy and Sell Ammunition

If you have a federal license for selling and have a store front, Gearfire lets you sell their stock and your stock using their web based tools.

Private gun registrations and dealer licenses are mandatory for selling guns. However, the NRA opposes restrictions on private gun sellers and other regulations.


Research the prices and performance ahead of time for a better deal on the fire arm and ammo.

Here are some tips for getting better deals at Buy and Sell Ammo.

  • Visit the local gun shows to get an idea of the stock available and prices.
  • Networking helps in getting news and sales deals.
  • Face to face sales are the best sales and take a witness along with you.
  • Ask questions about the product and physically examine for any visible damage.
  • Check with the nearest shooting ranges for any ongoing deals.
  • Unlicensed persons are required to follow all rules for private sales.
  • Modifying and manufacturing the firearms or ammo is illegal.
  • Owners are required to report loss or theft of the firearms or ammo.
  • Do not engage in straw purchasing or buying/selling for a friend.
  • All fire arms or ammo can be traced in the government tracing systems.
  • Private sales are the key source for transfering the legal ammo to illegal parties.
  • Responsible use and carrying of the fire arm and ammo is expected from the buyer and seller.
  • Knowing the laws is also needed for trading the fire arms and ammo.

Fire arms and ammo sale are monitored by several state and federal departments. So, all engaged parties will be held responsible and charged accordingly if any illegal activities are discovered.